The Dance Party!

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Your wedding is essentially going to consist of two distinct parties.  The first is the more relaxed cocktail and dinner party where wedding guests are socializing and not really paying attention to the music.  During that period of time we can play anything you desire and we will work in any requests you have made that aren't necessarily dancible.  During this portion of the evening the music is primarily background noise and helps to set the mood and tone for that portion of the evening.

Once dinner is wrapped up and we have gotten through the other formalities such as the cake cutting, toasts and special dances, it is then time for the dance party.  This is where Remix Wedding DJs shine and we ask our clients to let us do what we do.  We have spent years learning how to read a crowd and how to figure out which types of songs will work with what type of group.  It is our ultimate goal to keep your guests on the dance floor all night.  To do that we need the flexibility to play what we know will work.  We ask that our clients give us the freedom to play various styles of music to appeal to all ages.  We will certainly work in any  requests that you have made, and we will make sure to skip any songs that you have put on your do not play list, in addition to skipping all the cliche played out cheesy songs like YMCA, Cotton Eyed Joe, We Are Family, Celebration, The Macarena, and The Electric Slide, etc.  Below find some tips on how to make the most of your dance party:

1. Keep in mind that when it comes to the dance party portion of the night, if you want people to dance, you need to dance as well.  Brides and grooms often don't realize that guests will follow them around. If you are at the bar or outside socializing, that is where guests are going to be as well.  If you are on the dance floor, there will be more people on the dance floor.  The more people on the dance floor the better, as a larger crowd on the dance floor will help encourage shy guests to join in.

2. Don't worry if the dance floor empties out for a little bit.  There is always going to be an ebb and flow of people on the dance floor.  People get thirsty and will head to the bar.  Others will want to finish up conversations they started with other guests earlier in the evening.  We will also be playing a mix of music to appeal to various age groups so different groups will be engaged by the music at different times.  We will generally start the dance party with older music for the older guests.  What will happen then, as the night goes on, older folks will leave, or go to the bar, and so the crowd on the dance floor will get younger, so the music will get newer.  We will basically start with 50's, 60's & 70's music at the beginning of the dance party, and then move through the decades until we are into the current Top 40 by the end of the evening.  This way we play a little bit of everything for everyone.

3. Make sure to save enough time to dance.  When planning your timeline make sure you save enough time for dancing in the last half of the evening.  When allocating time for the dance party we recommend allowing for at least 2 hours of dancing.  If you allow for too little, the party will be over before it really gets hopping.  Usually once the dance party starts people are still drinking, socializing, and letting there food digest.  About an hour after the dance party starts is when we usually see the most people on the dance floor.

4. Opt for the dance floor lighting.  We include lighting with all of our packages.  It is optional and you can ask you DJ to not bring it if you really don't want it.  If your going for a vintage theme for your wedding you may not want the dance floor lighting but keep in mind it does help to liven up the party and encourages guests to hit the dance floor.  Also remember we won't turn the lighting on until the party really starts, so don't worry about strobe lights during dinner!