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Our Approach to Wedding Receptions as DJs

Our approach to weddings is to provide the best service and planning in the industry while providing the most talented DJs available for your event. Our goal is to deliver music to your guest's ears, using the best technologies available, providing breathtakingly clear sound, all while keeping everyone on the dance floor throughout the evening.

We work with our clients, in person if possible, to plan every moment of their big day, down to the last detail.  We handle all my clients entertainment needs, as well as orchestrate and coordinate the event so they can just relax and enjoy their celebration.  Because of our attention to detail, we often know more about the details of the reception than many of our clients own wedding coordinators.  The web-based client portal we have developed helps us to do just that.  Our web-based planning software allows you to customize your event and communicate to us, all of your needs, wants, desires, and expectations.  It helps us to coordinate every last detail with you, from the names and pronunciations of the bridal party for the grand entrance, to the song to play for the for your grand exit, and everything in between.  The client portal also allows you to create playlists (as well as do not play lists), set an itinerary for the evening, and to specify events and announcement for us to facilitate.  You can also give your guests access to the system using a special link, so that they can make their own song requests (which you have final approval of).

Sound Quality
Unlike most mobile DJ's (who all claim to have the best sound equipment), we invest heavily in the highest end professional sound gear, most of which you generally only find on the trucks of large touring bands and stage shows.  We bring thunderous sound systems, including subwoofers, in order to make sure you can feel the bass when the time comes to dance.  Most mobile DJs will only show up with 2 full range speakers which will not have enough bass let you feel the low end.  We take pride in offering the best sound quality and clarity in the industry. Our music isn't loud, it is full, rich, and well balanced so as not to leave ringing in your ears at the end of the event. We can certainly turn up the volume, but we utilize the latest technologies, such as digital signal processing, digital speaker frequency response analysis, and room acoustics analysis (using pink noise), in order to provide crystal clear sound, that is also full, deep, and rich.  We are able to calibrate our sound systems, using a DBX Drive Rack, to optimize them for each venue, on a room by room basis.  Digital signal processing also guarantees zero feedback while you or your guests are using the microphones, and also ensures that your guests will understand and hear clearly, every word you say, even if they are in the back of the room.  

Be Tactful MC's

With a wedding you need someone to serve as the MC to keep the event flowing smoothly.  We will handle all of the MC duties at your event with tact and professionalism.  We strive to avoid cheesy jokes and corny cliches.  Your assigned mobile DJ will make any and all necessary announcements that you have specified ahead of time.  Your DJ will not talk on the mic all evening and try to be the center of attention.  Our philosophy is that it is your big day and the focus should be on you!  To that end, your wedding DJ will only use the mic when absolutely necessary to keep the event flowing smoothly.  The rest of the time he will be focused on spinning great music for you and your guests.
Keeping Guests Dancing
Being award winning and long time club DJs, we can mix music so that you will not know where one song stops, and the next begins.  There is no dead space, no downtime between songs, and that means your guests will stay on the dance floor.  Our biggest goal for your wedding is for your guests to say that it was the most fun they have had at a wedding in as long as they can remember.  We want them to tell us that we were the best mobile DJ they have ever seen at a wedding.  As working DJs with over 50 years combined experience, we know what songs will get them on the floor, and we know what will keep them there.

In short, our approach to weddings is that we plan every last detail so that on your big day, you have nothing to worry about except saying, "I do".  We bring the best equipment available to give you unmatched sound quality, and as far as being DJs, we promise you won't find a better wedding DJ anywhere.   As MC's for your event, we will make sure the focus stays on you!  For a consultation or to discuss your event, please call give us a call at 828-239.9903.