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Green Events

Living in Asheville, North Carolina, you become very connected to the environment and all the natural beauty that surrounds you. Some of the most beautiful wedding venues can be found in the surrounding areas of Brevard, Highlands, Cashiers, Lake Lure, Waynesville and beyond. In an effort to protect and preserve our natural resources, and the enchanting forest lands that surround Western North Carolina, we strive to be as green as we possibly can in doing business.  We make every effort to be as carbon neutral, and environmentally conscience as possible.  

You may ask how we can be green working as wedding djs.  As with all efforts in protecting our environment, it starts with the little things. First we utilize online document management solutions in order to provide paperless contracts, billing, payments, and wedding planning forms.  This helps us to save trees and our valuable natural resources, as well as simplifies the booking and planning processes.  In addition, we work to keep materials out of the landfill by donating used equipment to local non-profits and other organizations that benefit our community.  For events, we only use energy efficient LED lighting to reduce the carbon footprint of our events.  Instead of using CD's, we only utilize the highest quality MP3 downloads for music, reducing plastic and packaging associated with CD's that would otherwise be heading to the landfill.  In protecting our environment, every little bit goes a long way.  Weddings are known to have immense waste stream, from food leftovers to paper and packaging from decorations, flowers, and gifts.  We strive to have as little an environmental impact as possible, so that you can feel good about doing business with Remix Weddings.  It is our small commitment to help you cut down on the environmental impact of your wedding or event.